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Saturday, August 19, 2006


This is a letter from an NYCD customer and Blog devotee, who at first, was a bit excited by the hype surrounding "Back To Basics," the new Christina Aguilera CD. After listening, on.

I listened to the album from beginning to the end with no interruptions. With each cut I got more pissed off. There’s not a memorable memory or hint of originality in any of it. Short phrases cobbled together constitute the melodies. None of them matter as they are just launching points for her to do vocal exercises. Her singing is like the speed metal guitarists that were prevalent in the ‘80’s. They can play a hundred notes a second but none of them matter. I listen to people like Chrissie Hynde or Shelby Lynne or Bonnie Raitt who may not be able to match her vocal histrionics but can convey more with their silence than current singers can with all their laryngymnastics (copyright pending).

I agree with what you said in the newsletter. She tries to come off as someone who is trying to pay homage to all these great singers of the past but she doesn’t get it.

The pinnacle of this masturbation session is the song ‘Thank You (Dedication to the Fans)’ which contains countless messages from fans who thank her for everything from saving their lives to curing the carbuncles on their butts. You’d think she’d cured cancer. She should have called it ‘I’m so fabulous, the world can’t to without me’.

I saw her on Letterman this week (before listening to the album) and she started with doing those f*****g arpeggios. OK. We get it. You did your vocal exercises when you were a kid.

Keep those cards and letters coming, folks.


Blogger soundsourcenyc said...

i think that the criticism of christina is to harsh. it is not her fault that she sings like this, she can't control herself. the cause of the problem with christina and all of the other divaettes (mariah, celine et al) can be traced to an terrible afliction known as FLUTTERINGHANDITIS. i believe if a cure to this awful disease can be found that it would put an end to the awful singing that this unsightly afliction is the root cause of. i urge all americans to write to their senators and congresspeople and ask them to support HR666 which will fund stem cell research into a cure for this disease. I think this is the kind of issue that can pull people from both red states and blue states together. if a cure can be found it would not only cure the helpless singers who fall victim to FLUTTERINGHANDITIS but it may well lead to world peace as well.

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