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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Saw the Dixie Chicks last night at MSG. That's right, "saw" them. Did NOT hear them. Why? Because the drug-addled, drunken, trippin' hippies at the Led Zeppelin show I saw in February of 1975 were more attentive and well-behaved than the screaming, and mostly yapping freaks at last night's concert. It was one of the only concerts where I actually was hoping for 19,000 people to start an offkey sing-a-long. It would have at least proven to me that people were paying attention.

From the moment the lights went down, the crowd started screaming. Very exciting. From the first mandolin strum of the Chicks, the crowd started....TALKING!! YES! TALKING!

"Oh my God, I love her!"
"Look at those heels."
"Pam would have loved this. But she's away. Did you see Pam's new haircut?"
"Oh my God, I love this."
"I'm gonna cry. I love this."

It wouldn't stop. I know you will find this hard to believe, but the din of the conversation actually drowned out the music. The crowd would not stop.

DIXIE CHICK: "This song is for Mel Gibson."
PERSON BEHIND ME: "Did she say Mel Gibson? Oh my God, that's so funny. What'd she say about Mel Gibson? Oh my God, that's so funny."
DIXIE CHICK: "I know we've been in the papers lately."
PERSON IN FRONT OF ME: "WOOOOOOO HOOOOOO! Oh my God, I'm gonna cry. Look, Stanley Tucci. I love this song."
MY WIFE: "Well, then shut up and listen to it."
DIXIE CHICK: "This is called 'Cowboy Take Me Away'"
PERSON TO THE LEFT OF ME: "Oh my God, I'm gonna cry. I love this one. Is that your beer? I can't drink beer. I want one of those champagnes with strawberries. Oh my God, I'm gonna cry."

Well, I really like the new Dixie Chicks CD and I thought hearing them on a suffocating summer night would be a nice way to keep cool. I was wrong. Oh my God, I'm gonna cry.


Blogger Michael in New York said...

I think one of the women next to you sat behind me at the Paul Simon concert I went to in Jersey at some outdoor venue where the crowd sat happily in their seats throughout the entire show. (Maybe, MAYBE if Art came out along with the reunited Beatles, including John and George, they would have stood up for more than a song or two.) Anyway,the woman behind me was a BIG Paul Simon fan. "woo-hooooo!" she said when he appeared. "Woo-hoooooo!" she said at the beginning of every song in a voice that cut through the entire crowd. "Woo-hooooo!" she said at the end of every song. She wanted to stand up and dance, but it wasn't happening. (Two people on the left hand side were removed three minutes into the show because they refused to sit down when everyone around them was complaining about having their view blocked. Paul looked on bemused.) My favorite moment: Paul began a song (don't ask me which) and the woman said "Woo-hooooo! I love this song!" I could have guessed that.

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