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Friday, July 21, 2006

How Do You Like NYCD NOW?

I discovered the Dead Dog Records website about a month ago. To say I was excited would be an understatement. Here was a treasure trove of rare soul and R&B, blues and gospel CDs, that even after almost 20 years in the biz, I had never seen before. I spent the better part of my Saturday morning combing through title after title, looking for anything by Ironing Board Sam, or Bobby Marchan, or Plas Johnson. After about an hour, I had close to $400 worth of CDs in my cart. I was able to get that down to $135.

Now it's at this point I should mention that the Dead Dog Website,, is a bit shaky. So shaky, that as I write this, it's URL now brings me to a travel agent. But, 4 Saturdays ago, I was determined. So in good faith, I placed my order, typed in my credit card info, and Bob's your uncle.

I got a confirmation soon after. Then, two days later, an e-mail saying that my CDs had shipped Priority Mail. 10 days later when my CDs hadn't arrived, I e-mailed Bill. DEAD-DOG@ADELPHIA.NET

He replied a day later, saying that the tracking number claimed that my address was undeliverable. OK. Dilemma. Do I bring out the big guns of sarcasm, or do I give Bill The Record Maven/Travel Agent the benefit of the doubt. I wanted my CDs, so I sent him this on July 10th:

Well Bill,
Thanks for the quick reply. If it turns out to be my mistake, please let me know, and I will happily Paypal you some extra cash for expedited shipping. If it turns out to be your mistake, can we still still re-ship express, and maybe split the difference? The above address is indeed correct. Thanks again.

I thought that was....nice. Four days later, after no reply from Bill. I sent him this on July 14th:

Hi Bill,
Any sign of my order coming back to you? Or even better, on its way back to me?
It was order # 2431.
325 West 38th Street
Suite 505
New York, N.Y. 10018

Still, no Bill. July 15th, I sent him this:

hey bill,
You get my last e-mail? what's happening?

I finally heard from Bill:

I work a 50-60 hour a week job. Dead Dog is a hobby. I'll try to get to the post office this week.


Nowhere on your website does it mention how hard you work, or how your long hours at the quarry will affect any CD orders? I have been more than fair, and quite patient. And anyone who knows me will tell you, I am usually neither. Please do what you can to expedite this order. Would it help if I told you the CDs were for a dying cousin? Probably not. It doesn't matter. Just like your work week doesn't matter to me. Find the time and please go to your post office. I want my package, and believe it or not, I still want to order more.


What a disappointment. A possible error on my part and I offer to pay extra to expedite. A possible error on your part and I still offer to pay extra, and now you give up. I've been nothing but cordial and fair and trusting, and now you are giving up and not sending me what you offer because it's getting "too messy." Thanks very much. I was looking forward to my package, and additional orders. This is the worst service I have ever had.

Your order was returned back to me today.
What do you want me to do ?
Dead Dog Records

Send it out Express Mail.
I will Paypal, if you accept Paypal, an additional $12.00 for shipping, if that's fair. If you don't think so, tell me what is fair. If you don't accept Paypal, you can add an additional $12.00, or whatever amount you feel is proper compensation (?) to my next order. Does any of this work for you?

What Bill then sent me was his website's FAQ page, copied and pasted from his now defunct website, answering a dozen questions that I never asked?

• Why do you list the disc in a category if it is not available ?
• Why can't you deliver my order super fast ?

(and my favorite)

• How long dose it take to get an order shipped ?

Well...I don't even know where we are at this point. But thanks to his most recent reply to me, I feel like I can finally rest easy:

How dose this sound to you ? Like your in a big rush ?
Dead Dog Records


Kinda makes NYCD look like members of Mensa.


Blogger Michael in New York said...

That dosen't make sense to you? You're just being difikult.

8:55 PM  
Blogger NYCD Online said...

Got a nice follow-up e-mail. My CDs are on the way. "Free shipping!" WAAAAAAA HAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAA

6:21 AM  
Blogger soundsourcenyc said...

maybe the dead dog in the name shoulda tipped you off or is it dead head records opps i said it again!!

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Scott Arthur Edwards said...

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5:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sal Nunziato at
provided the WRONG shipping address.

Package was returned back to Dead Dog Records because of "Insufficient Address" by the U.S. Post Office.

I paid for the return shipping to Sal because he was in a BIG RUSH and I no longer wanted to deal with him.

If you sell music watch out for Sal Nunziato. Big pain in the ass.

Dead Dog Records

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Bob Newman said...

I have bought cds from Dead Dog Records before with great service and products. I don't know who Sal Nunziato ( nycd online ) is but he sounds like a real jerk if he can not supply a correct address for his shipping order. We don't need a person like this on the net !

8:36 AM  

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