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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Hey music lovers! Just a quick note to mention a couple o'things.


The classic release from Paul Weller & the gang gets a beautiful rehaul. Disc one features the LP newly remastered, along with a whopping 14 bonus tracks, which include b sides, demos, and rarities. Disc two is a DVD featuring the Don Letts film "The Making Of All Mod Cons," which includes previously unseen live perfromances, promo clips, and new interviews with Paul, Bruce and Rick. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! This MAH-velous package also features new liner notes and a limited edition replica poster. HOLY UNION JACK, BATMAN! Act fast!

VARIOUS ARTISTS- "OH YOU PRETTY THINGS: THE SONGS OF DAVID BOWIE" Sure, you get "All The Young Dudes" by Mott The Hoople. But, what makes this 23 track compilation so appealing, is its inclusion of such long-lost gems as "Oh You Pretty Things" by Peter Noone, "The Man Who Sold The World" by Lulu, "Silver Tree Top School For Boys" by The Beatstalkers, tracks by Dana Gillespie, Mick Ronson, and Ava Cherry, and the piece de resistence, the brilliant Phil Spector-ish version of "Rock 'N' Roll With Me" by Donovan.

PETE SHELLEY- "HOMOSAPIEN" This classic from head Buzzcock is now remastered and includes 6 bonus tracks.

A superb collecton of everything you need by "Woody," newly remastered. Disc one features all the essential solo tracks from such albums as "I've Got My Own Album To Do," "Now Look, " and "1-2-3-4, " as well as a few rarities. Disc two features classic tracks from The Birds, The Creation, The Jeff Beck Group, The Faces, and ze Rolling Stones. 37 tracks in all.

Summer Concert Series
Our good friends over at CBS have begun their summer concerts series out on the plaza.
Join CBS The Early Show out on the Plaza @ 59th and 5th Ave to see these live, FREE performances.
Coming up this week: THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS! THIS FRIDAY, 6/30 AT 12:PM.


THE CBS EARLY SHOW- Summer Concert Series
June 30, 2006- Pussycat Dolls
July 7, 2006-
July 13, 2006-
Sheryl Crow
July 14, 2006-
July 21, 2006-
Daniel Powter
August 11, 2006-
Carrie Underwood
September 14, 2006-
Kenny Chesney


Blogger Michael in New York said...

OK, I'm confused that you are promoting CBS's concert series. Actually, I'm confused that you would promote ANY of the morning shows' concert series. But if you are, why CBS and not the more established ABC and NBC events? Clearly it ain't because you think their acts are cooler. So what gives? Are they giving you free tickets to the next taping of 60 Minutes? (I love it when Andy Rooney goes on one of his rants. If you're in the audience, you get to hear all the curse words they edit out of the broadcast. That man could make a gangsta rapper curse, ya know what I'm sayin'?

1:02 AM  

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