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Friday, June 16, 2006






Head Pixie is backed by a stellar line-up of legendary musicians for his new release. This specially-priced, 2 CD set features such names as Al Kooper, Ian McLagan, Steve Cropper, Bob Babbitt, Levon Helm, Steve Ferrone, Carol Kaye and Jim Keltner, to name a few. This is Black's strongest solo release since his debut in 1993. The all-star musicians help keep Black in control for a perfect combination of soulful roots-rock, with that slight Pixies edge.

MARC COHN- "THE VERY BEST OF" No, this is not a CD single of "Walking In Memphis." Grammy winner Cohn, when not getting shot at, is a class-A songwriter who has not been in the spotlight in years. Maybe this new 18 track collection is being released to remind everyone who he is, before his long-awaited album of new material gets released.

PAULA COLE- "GREATEST HITS: POSTCARDS FROM THE OCEANSIDE" Another Grammy-winner, unfortunately not recently shot at, who hasn't had a hit since the dreadful "I Don't Want To Wait." Cole gets anthologized on this new collection from Rhino. Let's hope this is NOT a sign of more to come.

COUNTING CROWS- "NEW AMSTERDAM: LIVE AT HEINEKEN MUSIC HALL" A live recording from 2003. Ok. Features the new track "Hazy." Ok.

NELLY FURTADO- "LOOSE" The first single "Promiscuous," a duet with hip-hop star Timbaland, is already on top of the charts. Furtado's wholesome image gets the trashy makeover for this new CD in hopes of doing a bit more business than her carppy sophomore release "Folklore."

Following the enormous success of their debut, "Hopes & Fears," the kind-of-boring-but-still-kind of-melodic Keane, releases more of the same on this new CD. Think Coldplay on TheraFlu.

LUNA- "BEST OF" The indie-rock supergroup of sorts has the best of their respected career compiled on this new CD from Rhino. (This is where Tony would write something exciting to make you wanna buy this. I'm not a fan, so all I can say is, "How 'bout them Mets?")

MADONNA- "I'M GOING TO TELL YOU A SECRET" Oh yeah, as if the Gena Rowlands of dance pop has anything left to share! This 2 CD/1DVD live document of Madonna's Re-Invention Tour should really expand and jam out on the pre-recorded material.

OLD 97'S- "HIT BY A TRAIN: THE BEST OF" The alt-country/pure pop band that brought you Rhett Miller, sees the best of their career put together on this new Rhino compilation.

GRAM PARSONS- "COMPLETE REPRISE SESSIONS" The legendary Parsons, an influence on everyone from The Rolling Stones to Elvis Costello to The Black Crowes has his entire Reprise output remastered for this 3 CD set. This beautiful package also includes a wealth of unreleased material, as well as some interviews with Parsons and Emmylou Harris.

CORINNE BAILEY RAE- "CORINNE BAILEY RAE" Released a few months back to rave reviews in the U.K., the U.S. debut by this British vocalist is a winner. A sexy and soulful outing, CORRINE BAILEY RAE's record sounds like a punchier Norah Jones fronting a silky R&B band.

Still more music from the legendary country singer, this 3 CD set includes two of his masterpieces from the early 70's, "SHOTGUN WILLIE" and "PHASES AND STAGES," in remastered and expanded form, as well as an expanded version of "LIVE AT THE TEXAS OPRY."


ERNEST DAWKINS' NEW HORIZONS ENSEMBLE- "LIVE AT THE VELVET LOUNGE" 2004 saw the release of this Chicago-based sax player's brilliant CD "Meen Ameen," a remarkable free-form-yet -amazingly-accessible tribute to late trumpeter Ameen Muhammed, which featured the dynamic Maurice Brown on trumpet. This same ensemble is captured live at Chicago's Velvet Lounge, for one incredibly hot performance. This package also includes a DVD of this performance.

VARIOUS ARTISTS- "ATLANTIC UNEARTHED" 2 separate CDs, "SOUL BROTHERS" AND "SOUL SISTERS," feature lost soul classics from the great roster of Atlantic recording artists. Deep cuts from Wilson Pickett, Percy Wiggins, Otis Redding, James Carr, Darrell Banks, Aretha Franklin, Mary Wells, Baby Washington, Irma Thomas, and Bettye Swann fill up these two awesome CDs.

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