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Saturday, November 11, 2006


Thanks to the fine, kind, and patient people over at A DEEPER SHADE OF SOUL, NYCD-Online has now found a way, just like the 2 million other blogs (some run and created by 7 year olds) to offer our loyal readers a chance to listen to some truly wonderful music they may have missed.

First up, a track from one of our faves of the year, ELVIS COSTELLO & ALLEN TOUSSAINT'S "River In Reverse."

Those of you who bought the CD may be wondering, "Where the hell is this song? I don't see it on my copy." That's right. This was a bonus track on the Japanese pressings.

The pair performed this Toussaint-by-way-of- Lee Dorsey tune during their coinciding tour and it was a show-stopper. I can't begin to understand why certain songs get chosen over others for inclusion on a CD release. In most cases it's the artist's decision. But really, what has Japan ever done for Allen Toussaint to deserve this gem?

Click "River In Reverse" link to BUY
Click here to listen The Greatest Love MP3


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