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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


It's got "feh" written all over it. Duets, Buble, Celine, Elton, Sony, Birthday, Sting. You name it. It's here and overdone. "TONY BENNETT, DUETS: An American Classic" will come and go, just like every other "Cannonball Run-type" star extravaganza. Right?


Why is this CD so amazing? Mr. Tony Bennett! 80 years young!

Tony Bennett, at the glorious age of 80, sounds better than ever. And his star-studded birthday guests give the classiest gift imaginable- wonderfully understated performances that only highlight the brilliance and style of this man of the hour. Yes, even ol' chest-thwacker, Celine Dion.


PUT ON A HAPPY FACE with James Taylor- It's simple and clean. The guys are having fun and you can tell.

THE GOOD LIFE with Billy Joel- It's Joel's sweetest performance on record. He's never sounded better or more inspired.

ARE YOU HAVIN' ANY FUN w/ Elvis Costello- These boys have sung together before and it shows. Elvis really belts it out and the harmonies are wonderful.

I WANNA BE AROUND w/ Bono- This song is Tony's. Frank did it, but face it, it's Tony's. And Bono does it right. He leaves room for the man, yet still gives the classic Bono delivery.

I have seen nothing but mediocre reviews for this release, and it makes me wonder if anyone listened to it, or just reviewed it based on the premise. Because the premise is boring. Another duets record pairing superstars with a legend. But, you know what....this is a great, GREAT listen.


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Blogger Michael in New York said...

I've dreaded listening to it for the very prejudicial (and reasonable) reasons you mention people bring to it. Now I'll listen to it with perhaps a glimmer of hope.

12:27 PM  
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