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Thursday, September 21, 2006





Here we go.....


TORI AMOS - A PIANO: THE COLLECTION. The first ever box set from one of the creepiest performers we've ever set eyes on. 86 alternates, remixes, rarities, and some classics as well. If none of you are familiar with Tori Amos' cover version shtick, think putting a cockring on Michelangelo's David.

JAY BENNETT - MAGNIFICENT DEFEAT. The latest solo record from ex-Wilco member features 13 tracks that we are sure sound nothing like Wilco. Why we're sure, we're not sure, since we haven't heard a single note of it, but we really like Wilco and haven't liked his last two solo albums. Of course, we haven't liked Wilco's last two albums either. Hello? Is this thing on?

BLACK CROWES - THE LOST CROWES. Delayed for a month because of a production error (the songs on disc 1 were actually on disc 2, and vice-versa, and when you're high, that can really mess you up), this two CD set features finished tracks that were set for release and then shelved when the Robinson boys started misbehaving back in the mid '90s. For you Crowes fans, these are the legendary Tall sessions getting their first release. And being a Crowes fan, Sal can tell you that this is one fine collection.

SOLOMON BURKE - NASHVILLE. Produced by esteemed guitar player and songwriter Buddy Miller, soul legend Burke puts his soulful spin on some country tunes, with guest appearances by Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton and Patty Loveless.

THE BYRDS - THERE IS A SEASON (BOX SET). Four CDs and a DVD chronicling the career of not only a great band, and not only an important band, but an important band that was great. 99 tracks, some unreleased, as well as a DVD with ten vintage live clips. If you're wondering what David Crosby looked like before he got fat, went bald and grew that ridiculous moustache, this is the place.

DAVE MATTHEWS - LIVE TRACKS: FENWAY PARK. This is the sixth volume of DMB's live series, but it's the first available to retail. 4 CDs containing every note played during the two days at Fenway Park. To some of you, that's good news.

ENIGMA - A POSTERIORI. We have a soft spot for Enigma because, when NYCD first opened, they were really popular and we couldn't keep their first CD in stock. Of course, those days are long gone, and Enigma's brand of whatever the hell it is they do is no longer as popular. But for you diehard fans of... whatever the hell that is, this one is three years in the making. Help pay off those studio bills!

GEORGE HARRISON - LIVING IN THE MATERIAL WORLD (EXPANDED). Of course, everyone knows and loves All Things Must Pass, his first proper solo album. But few remember this chart-topping followup which included some of the strongest solo material of George's career. This new remastered version features two bonus tracks and also comes as a limited edition package with a DVD featuring documentary and live footage.

JANET JACKSON - 20 Y.O. This was originally titled 20 Years Old, in reference to the 20th anniversary of her chart-topping album Control. It is now called 20 Y.O. as a tribute to legendary quarterback Y.O. Tittle.

KORN - CHOPPED, SCREWED, LIVE AND UNGLUED. Two CDs plus a DVD, featuring the entire See You On The Other Side album "chopped and screwed" (we think that means "remixed") on one disc. The second CD, along with the DVD, is a hodgepodge of live tracks, acoustic performances, and fan-made remixes. Can you say "we need product for the fourth quarter"?


LEMONHEADS - LEMONHEADS. Their first album in ten years and their best since 1992's "It's A Shame About Ray" finds Evan Dando emerging from his drug-induced stupor and creating great alt-pop tunes again.

JOHN LENNON - THE U.S. VS. JOHN LENNON. The soundtrack to the documentary basically plays like a strange John Lennon compilation, with hits, album tracks and soundbites, as well as a previously unreleased instrumental version of "How Do You Sleep?"

JERRY LEE LEWIS - LAST MAN STANDING. Take a look at these big names. Jimmy Page. B.B. King. Bruce Springsteen. Mick Jagger. Keith Richards. Ron Wood. Neil Young. Robbie Robertson. Ringo Starr. George Jones. Willie Nelson. Ring Lardner. Robert Stack. Y.O. Tittle. George "The Animal" Steele. Pancho Gonzalez. And Ruth Buzzi. They're all here on this list, and most are on the album, too. Advance word is that this is a great one.

MY MORNING JACKET - OKONOKOS. As amazing as their last studio album was, this live 2 CD set is an even better document of a great concert band.


SCISSOR SISTERS - TA-DAH. Don't know how you all felt about their debut, but I thought it was a refreshing change of pace that was pure ear candy -- one '70s AM radio hit after another. Ta-Dah is even better. It's the Bee Gees, T. Rex, Elton John, and David Bowie all rolled into one. Seriously, even after four or five listens, I keep going back for more. Not a bad track in the bunch. Also comes as a 2 CD deluxe edition with five previously unreleased tracks and remixes.

SPARKLEHORSE - DREAMT FOR LIGHT YEARS... On Astralwerks, so ... uh... get yours today! Batteries not included.

WAYLON JENNINGS - NASHVILLE REBEL (BOX SET). 92 track, career-spanning compilation featuring his early RCA hits, a bunch of tracks with Jessi Colter, and some unreleased tracks as well.


New York singer-songwriter JULIAN VELARD brings his style, grace, and awesome chops to the KNITTING FACTORY MAIN SPACE, on September 29th, at 9PM. His new CD, THE MOVIES WITHOUT YOU, is available here for $6.99. If you've never heard Julian Velard, do yourselves a favor and get with the program. Think Ben Folds, only less annoying. Think Billy Joel, only charming. Think Elton John, only better looking.

PAUL WESTERBERG - OPEN SEASON (SOUNDTRACK). What do you do when your career's on the skids and the rent is due? Westerberg follows in the footsteps of formerly-popular '80s artists They Might Be Giants and Dan Zanes (ex-Del Fuegos) and turns to kids' music, with this soundtrack for the upcoming animated film. It's not much different from his other recent albums, but hopefully the snapperheads will enjoy it more than we graybeards did.


JOHN COLTRANE - FEARLESS LEADER. A 6 CD box set from his Prestige days, remastered with original session notes. For all you people who think his later work sounds like he's trying to eat his saxophone, this is the earlier, more bop-oriented material. And if you like his later work... never mind.

JOHN HICKS - SWEET LOVE OF MINE. One of our favorite piano players, who died suddenly a few months back, gets his last recordings released. Backed by such musicians as Curtis Lundy, Victor Jones, and his wife, Elise Wood, on flute.

KEITH JARRETT - CARNEGIE HALL CONCERT. Two CD set documenting Jarrett's improvised concert from last year, which also included his ramblings on George Bush and the Iraq war. If you listen closely, you can hear Sal's friend John tell him to shut up and play his piano.

SERGIO MENDES & BRASIL '66 - REISSUES. HERB ALPERT PRESENTS..., CRYSTAL ILLUSIONS, and YE-ME-LE all get released for the first time in the US on CD. These are from Sergio's mid and late-'60s peak, so you know they're good!


STANTON MOORE - III. The third solo album from the New Orleans treasure and drummer extraordinare. If you're familiar with his band, Galactic, you know that Moore can funk you till your brains come out of your ears. But on this record, he leads a trio featuring Robert Walter on Hammond B3 and Will Bernard on guitar, through a set of Jimmy Smith-inspired grooves that are too hot for words. The band is also joined by Mark Mullins of Bonarama and Skerik from Garage A Trois on two tracks, one of which is the absolutely powerful Abdullah Ibrahim tune "Water From An Ancient Well," which will move you to tears in the wake of Katrina.

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The Fall Classic is just weeks away, and we don't mean the Columbus Day Parade. Hey, Met fans! Put up your Lo Ducas! It's time to start crossing your fingers for another Subway Series!

Your friends,
Mayte and Apollonia


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Yeah, yeah, yeah -- between John Lennon's soundtrack, Paul's classical album (which you didn't even plug) and george's reissue, we've got albums from three of the four Beatles coming out 36 years after they broke up...on the same day. What the hell's wrong with Ringo? Do you think he's dead? And so what, that didn't stop John and George.

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