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Friday, September 08, 2006


At long last, the album that kick-started the exotica craze of the '50s, LES BAXTER's 1952 classic RITUAL OF THE SAVAGE, sees its first proper CD release. Grab a mai tai, slip this album on your hi-fi, and go traveling the globe with Baxter and his orchestra. It's not likely that the far-flung islands Les evokes would have large string sections to go along with the jungle drums and chanting choruses, but the music is compelling enough so that it doesn't matter. As an added bonus, you get Baxter's 1954 freakout piece THE PASSIONS, featuring vocalist Bas Sheva grunting, moaning and screaming over Baxter's typically evocative orchestrations.

Also out is a new twofer by legendary arranger NELSON RIDDLE, who's best known for his work with Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Rosemary Clooney, among many others. HEY DIDDLE RIDDLE is a previously unreleased 1959 album of children's songs rearranged and souped up so they're barely recognizable. The arrangements are incredibly complex and challenging -- for non-kids as well as young'uns -- but play this for your tyke on a daily basis and he or she will not only grow up to be a swingin' hepcat, but a fine citizen and all-around well-adjusted human being. And after you put your snapperheads to bed, Mom N' Dad can learn to croon like Ella and Frankie with SING A SONG WITH RIDDLE, a '50s version of a karaoke record, with a dozen brilliant Riddle charts written exclusively for the album and instructions on how to sing 'em from the man himself. Only problem is that the lyrics aren't included, but hey, isn't that what the Internet is for?

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