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Friday, October 13, 2006








AEROSMITH - DEVIL'S GOT A NEW DISGUISE. We are happy to hear that these old warhorses have bounced back from their recent health issues, but that is no reason to release the umpteenth greatest hits CD, which they are now citing as the definitive collection. It's got the same 14 tracks that the last 14 best-ofs had, with two additional new tracks which are certainly not going to be worth the price of admission. How's that for a sales pitch!

BADLY DRAWN BOY - BORN IN THE U.K. His first three albums were excellent, but his fourth was so forgettable that we forgot about it until we saw it in a discography. Thankfully, this British singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen-wannabe has bounced back with his strongest release since the About A Boy soundtrack.

THE DATSUNS - SMOKE AND MIRRORS. No US release date has been scheduled yet for the either Swedish or New Zealandish band (we forget which) that Sal calls one of the most exciting live bands he's ever seen in his life. This new import-only record is closer to their hard rockin', Deep Purple-via-MC5 debut than their not-bad-but-somewhat-disappoint
ing followup, which was produced by John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin. Glad to see the boys bounce back with this fine new release.

TANYA DONNELLY - THIS HUNGRY LIFE. The former member of Throwing Muses and leader of Belly bounces back with her second solo release, accompanied by what are distributors are calling a stellar band, including Rich Gilbert, Arthur Johnson, Joe McMann, and Joan Wasser. Wow, that's stellar!

GOMEZ - FIVE MEN IN A HUT. Two CD compilation featuring the best of their singles as well as 16 previously unreleased-in-the-US B-sides by the band that Rob calls "the bounce-back band of the year."

ALBERT HAMMOND JR. - YOURS TO KEEP. Import-only release from the Strokes guy with the big head of hair. The last Strokes album was a little disappointing, but we expect him to bounce back with his solo debut, thanks to guest appearances by fellow Stroke Julian Casablancas, Jody Porter from Fountains Of Wayne, Ben Kweller, and Sean Lennon from Cibo Matto.

L.E.O. - ALPACAS ORGLING. Power pop fans will recognize some of the following names: Bleu, Mike Viola, and Andy Stuermer. All contribute to this project which basically takes original material and fashions each song to sound like a lost E.L.O. classic. If you're a fan of E.L.O., Cheap Trick, Jellyfish, and the Candy Butchers, then this record is a must. Bounce.

PRIMUS - THEY CAN'T ALL BE ZINGERS: THE BEST OF PRIMUS. Weirdo punk-funkers-turned-jam-banders release their first anthology. The first couple of records featured such unique tracks as "Tommy The Cat," "Jerry Was A Race Car Driver," and "John The Fisherman." Even if you got off the bus around 1992, as we did, this comp still has the early tracks.

DWIGHT YOAKAM - GUITARS, CADILLACS, ETC. (EXPANDED REMASTER). This classic debut from 1986 gets remastered and now includes ten demos from 1981 on disc 1, as well as Dwight live at the Roxy on disc 2.


BLACK OAK ARKANSAS, FOGHAT, LOVE, and TODD RUNDGREN all get the royal definitive super deluxe 2 CD treatment on these new, inexpensive anthologies. They're all worth picking up.

DIDDY - PRESS PLAY. He's not much of a rapper, but he sure knows how to make money. Among the guest performers are Christina Aguilera, Mary J. Blige, Jamie Foxx, Brandy, Keyshia Cole, Fergie, and Avant. Sounds like the 1962 Mets of the music world.



THE CANDY BUTCHERS have been one of NYC's best-kept secrets for over a decade. Their infectious brand of power-pop has won them lots of critical acclaim, if not a lot of sales. Head Butcher Mike Viola has just released MAKING UP TIME, a CD of unreleased Candy Butchers tracks recorded between 1994-98, and it's a winner. Get it from and tell him NYCD sent you!


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Tower Records is closing, leaving virtually no music retailers in Manhattan above 52nd St. Lindsey Buckingham and Boz Scaggs, two legends of the rock era, both played Town Hall this week after not touring for years, to 50% capacity, even though the tickets were relatively inexpensive. The major labels are starting to put the kibosh on reissues and archival releases, simply because they're worried there won't be anyplace to sell them. And on the most frightening note, if there's nowhere to sell music and no way to make a living from making music, will the next Bob Dylan or the next John Lennon or the next John Coltrane go into accounting instead of trying to make a career out of music? You may think we're overreacting, but the truth is, this could be the beginning of the end of music as we know it. GO OUT AND SUPPORT THE ARTS! Go to a concert, buy a CD, but get interested again!

Your friends,
Sal & Tony, future storm window salesmen


Anonymous Meshugenna said...

Couple of weeks ago, you gave Robyn Hitchcock's "Ole! Tarantula" a 63% chance of being great. You underestimated, young fellers. First played over the muted crap of Brennaman and Lyons, it gets better and better. Syd Barrett lives!

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If music is to go down the tubes, then so be it, truly an inevitable case. Blame the internet and the scalpers. 90% of new music that comes out nowadays sucks anyway. As for supporting the arts, some or (most) people don't have that kind of money to go to concerts, sporting events or buy CDs. Blame it on the world's situation, money and greed. If you have money you win, if you don't you struggle and lose. In closing, if anyone has been listening to music for the past 30-40 years and has a plethora of a collection of which to do so, sit back and enjoy it. Believe me there's a lot to listen to. Don't worry about the future of where music is going, think about the dopey kids of today and of the near future who'll be listening to real crap and going to shitty concerts, if they could afford it.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Michael in New York said...

How can it take two CDs to collect the best of Love. Surely all of Forever Changes and 10 or so tracks from their other CDs would fit on one disc. And why am I buying the new Badly Drawn Boy when I never listen to his earlier albums, even the good ones? And tickets to Lindsey Buckingham were cheap? I suppose $60 for the good seats is cheap these days. Sometimes I feel like an old man ranting that in my day we bought an ice cream cone for 10 cents, but $60 seems like top dollar to me to see Lindsey Buckingham, who I actually would have liked to see, but he's had ONE solo hit and that was 20 years ago and his new album has very mixed reviews. But at least he wasn't charging $100 at the Beacon.

12:34 PM  
Blogger Soupercollider said...

So basically Anonynmous, fuck the future. You have your nice little cd collection, I guess your set for the next 20 years. Actually, after Shakespeare, why bother writing?

And Michael In NY--who cares if Lindsey had one solo hit? Mariah Carey's had 30 hits, would you prefer to see her? Or Britney Spears? Or Keith Urban? They've all had more hits than most of the artists we listen to. I understand not everyone has money to burn, but if you're living in NYC, you cannot be put off by a 60 dollar concert ticket, to see a semi-legend, in one of the best venues in town. 60 bucks is a bargain.

3:14 PM  
Blogger NYCD Online said...

Anonymous, I believe you've got a case of Old Farts Disease. 90% of music sucked in your day too, whenever that was (I'm gonna guess it was the '60s, which all you boomers won't stop yapping about) -- it's just that you don't remember the Lettermen or the Ultimate Spinach or all the other crap that was out at the time because you're seeing your youth through rose-colored glasses. Guess what -- a whole lot of teenagers are gonna remember this godforsaken decade as "the good old days" someday. And if you think that what they're listening to is all garbage, well, that's probably what your parents said about the stuff you were grooving to in your long-gone youth Now go listen to your Creedence CDs again!

4:02 PM  
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Blogger Michael in New York said...

Hey, nice blog! Soupercollider, you're right that Lindsey SHOULD be able to sell out Town Hall, which is indeed a great venue and perfect for him. But he's never been a draw on his own as a touring artist and with 1984's Go Insane peaking at #45 and Out of the Cradle peaking at #128 and his new album debuting (and probably peaking) at #80, reality needs to set in that Fleetwood Mac fans aren't shelling out for his albums and aren't going to go see him in concert. Quality-wise, he should be able to sell out the Beacon, but commercially, he should be charging $30. Is he worth $60? Absolutely? Can he expect to sell those tickets? Nope. It's a shame he couldn't sell out, but I could have predicted it in advance. And imagine what an amazing show he would have put on at Joe's Pub or somewhere else. personally, the smaller the venue they play, the happier I am.

12:00 PM  
Blogger Soupercollider said...

Hey, nice blog! Michael in NY--points taken. Nice job. One thing--Lindsey plays Joe's Pub. $25 a pop. Sells out before there is an ad.

New Blogs: "Joe's Pub Sucks!" "What about the fans?" "I hate NY! This would never happen in Stow, Ohio."
"Why couldn't he play a better, more accessible venue, like...TOWN HALL!!!"

Awesome show at Town Hall. "Under The Skin" is one of the best records of the year.

It is what it is!

9:11 PM  

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