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Sunday, November 19, 2006


NYCD's second brick-and-mortar location, at 81st St. just off Amsterdam Ave., sucked eggs for a lot of reasons. It was in a basement. It was covered by scaffolding most of the time we were there. Our landlord stole our sign. Upper West Siders were more interested in getting a good latté than a good CD. The massage parlor above our store kept flooding us. And so on and so on.

The one nice thing about the place was that it was big enough for us to set up a little stage and host in-store performances. Sometimes the place would be packed, sometimes it would almost be a private show for the staff. But the music was almost always good and a fun time was had by both the performers and the audiences.

We didn't think to tape the vast majority of the in-stores we hosted, but a couple were preserved for posterity. Power-pop legends THE POSIES have been friends of NYCD for a lotta years, not to mention one of our favorite bands, so when they hit New York on one of their many reunion tours (since they broke up in '98, they've gotten back together more times than the Who), they also paid us a visit, and blew our minds with a killer acoustic performance.

TWINEMEN rose from the ashes of Morphine, and Tony goes ga-ga over both bands, so when Twinemen's second album came out, he figured "What the heck" and asked them to play at NYCD the next time they came to town. To our surprise, they said yes, and despite having to play a midweek lunchtime show, they got an enthusiastic crowd and put on a great show. Tony is still recovering from the thrill.

Listen and enjoy!

THE POSIES - Sad To Be Aware (live at NYCD 9/29/05)
TWINEMEN - Wishers (live at NYCD 10/27/04)


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