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Friday, April 06, 2007


We found this review on Amazon. Why on earth were we looking for an Osmonds review? Can't tell ya! (Aaaawww!) Read it. Such enthusiasm.

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Reviewer:John Lopez "Johnny Boy (JL)" (San Antonio, Texas USA) - See all my reviews
Readers and reviewers, I will be writing a review on the legendary album "CRAZY HORSES" by one of Rock's most underrated bands, THE OSMONDS. This album was originally released in 1972 on vinyl and 8-Track on the Curb Records label in association with MGM Records. I purchased one of the most recent releases of this album on Compact Disc in a British import on the COE Records label. What I find so hard to believe is that someone is selling the same exact CD album I purchased on E-bay on amazon for almost $500.00. I purchased the same exact CD album for $12.99 on E-bay. As always, if I hear any new additional information concerning this legendary album, I will edit this review immediately so that you the consumer will get the best informative and most accurate review possible.

THE OSMONDS are truly a remarkable band that got lost in Rock history somewhere. In my opinion, THE OSMONDS were never taken seriously as a hard Rock Band because of their Mormon faith. I've always said that it was ridiculous to judge a band by their religion. In reality, THE OSMONDS were five really talented brothers that truly knew how to Rock. If there was ever an album that proved that THE OSMONDS could rock it has to be the "CRAZY HORSES" album.

I will only list and review the song tracks that really rock on this album in their original exact running order as follows: (1.) "Hold Her Tight," (This is truly an incredible ROCKIN' song. This song reminds me of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song." Merrill Osmond sings this song with such power that he gives this song an additional lift as to what THE OSMONDS are really capable of performing as a rock band. You have to hear this song to believe it.) (5.) "We All Fall Down," (This is another ROCKIN' song. Whoever thought that THE OSMONDS could not rock, listen to this song. This song will definitely change your mind. Alot of these songs will change your mind. The guitar arrangements of brother's Alan and Wayne take their blend of Rock n' Roll to another level that no one thought they could do.) (7.) "Life Is Hard Enough Without Goodbyes," (This is a good slow Rocker. Alan and Wayne play guitars in this song like there's no tomorrow. Merrill sings this song like the way Robert Plant sings "Since I've Been Loving You.") (8.) "Crazy Horses" (This is one ROCKIN' song. Who would have ever thought that THE OSMONDS could rock like this. If you have never heard this song, I advise you to listen to it. This song is pure hard Rock. Alan and Wayne really let loose in playing their guitars in this one. Drummer Jay Osmond sings the lead vocal in this song with such power that he would have driven any horse crazy. In my opinion, Axl Rose, formally of Guns n' Roses, copied alot of Jay's dance moves.) and (9.) "Hey, Mr. Taxi." (This is another well recorded hard rocker. Alan and Wayne just keep getting better as guitarists and this song proves it. This is an incredible song. Merrill sings this song the way a real frontman is supposed to sing.) Overall, this is a remarkable hard rockin' album. You have to hear it to believe it.

I highly recommend this album for everyone to own as part of their collection. It is just too bad that this album is out of print here in the U.S. and is only available in England. Maybe that is the reason why THE OSMONDS have been slightly forgotten. When you listen to this album, you will be surprised and amazed.

In closing, THE OSMONDS never truly received the recognition they truly de


Anonymous sirfattenheimer said...

This guy (John Lopez) posted MANY reviews on music and movies. Recently they have disappeared from Amazon's site. If anyone has any info regarding the disappearance, I would love to know. His insights are both thoughtful and entertaining (oftentimes amazingly hilarious) and I consider myself a fan.
Long live Johnny Boy!!!!!

2:23 PM  

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