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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Mimi from NYC:

Yes, it was the most boring, lifeless Grammy Awards show in recent memory. Last year's Grammys were just as boring. Maybe they should save production costs and replay this year next year. See if anyone notices. I am quite content disliking both John Mayer and John Legend. Mayer more than Legend. I hate Mayer immensely. As for Mary J., she oversings everything to compensate for not being able to sing anything. Most idiots won't be able to tell if she's off key when she does 34518414987435 runs for each note. As for Xtina's James Brown tribute, she ain't even a brotha! Why not just have David Caruso recite the lyrics of "Say It Loud (I'm Black And I'm Proud)" with as much deliberation as he does every line on CSI Miami? Did they force enough of their sitcom stars on us by making them present that night? I think not. What? CSI Miami isn't a comedy? But it's so funny!

Mike From Long Island:

Well, you certainly nailed the Grammys below. It's a good thing that you can read the zipper or else you'd never know about Irma Thomas' award.

The Ornette Coleman appearance was very weird, like they were parading him out before he was being stuffed and mounted on a wall. Yeah, when Tony Bennett gave Target some product placement, I reached for my anti-nausea medicine.
And regarding that segment with Bailey, Legend, Mayer - I would have liked to see a duet between the first two. Mayer was on a different plain entirely.

Now, here's an issue that you didn't mention. Dixie Chicks. I don't get it since the album was not regarded as country but pop and wasn't selling that well after the first few weeks. Do you have any demographics on it? Am I way off base? Natalie Maines offered her rationale on the the album's success and as much as I hate to admit it, maybe she's right.

Oh, one of the question...what did Bob Wills (San Antonio Rose) have to to with the Eagles?

"I liked seeing the things that they say, and the songs, and the dresses (if it's a girl)."


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