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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Where Did Our Love Go

When I was growing up, my friends would beat the living crud out of each other on a daily basis. It was mostly because of musical disagreements. I witnessed Ralphie Messina punching John Wiesner over and over because Wiesner liked Ritchie Blackmore better than Jimmy Page. You could say what you want about Ralphie's mother, but if you didn't care for Led Zeppelin, you got smacked in the nose with your lunchbox.

I didn't see this, but it was the talk of Avenue Y in Brooklyn for weeks. Paul Nunez threw a "D" battery at the speed of a Jim Palmer fastball right at the back of Mike Genco's head because Genco said he hated Geddy Lee's voice. It was found out later, that Genco had been dating Nunez' girlfriend Debbie, days before Nunez and Debbie broke up. That little adventure simply made Nunez say, "No way."

I don't condone violence, although watching Louie Zampino carrying a bucket of fish from Sheepshead Bay and then get each one of the baby snapper thrown at his face because he told Tommy Easley he hated the Grateful Dead, is a damn fine memory.

We just don't have that passion for music anymore. It's a shame.


Blogger LaToya Pulitzer said...

Were the "D" Batteries stolen from Ralphie Messina's mother?

9:07 AM  
Blogger Tay164 said...

I think it was Grandpa Pla

8:39 AM  

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