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Friday, July 13, 2007


Rumors of our death have been greatly exaggerated -- by us. We'd like to think of
NYCD as the Frances Farmer of the music industry. Let's look at the similarities.

We both started our careers with big dreams and stars in our eyes.
We quickly became the darlings of our respective industries.
Miss Farmer won an Oscar. NYCD was chosen "Best CD Store" by both New York magazine and the New York Press on three separate occasions.
We're both very outspoken.
The cool people "got" us.
The imbeciles were turned off by us.
We both had our careers unjustly and prematurely taken away from us.
We were both institutionalized, had lobotomies, and resumed our happy, if somewhat confused, lives.
We both had songs written about us by Nirvana.


Just because we don't have a physical location anymore, doesn't mean we're not still doing the CD thing. As in buying CDs (and DVDs) from you, selling CDs to you, and writing about CDs for you.

BUYING: Let us know what you've got and we will check them out! Write to for details.

We can still order CDs for you and ship them right to your door. We're not taking credit cards anymore, but PayPal, checks/money orders and good old American greenbacks are still accepted. Email if you're interested.

Miss the newsletter? Have no idea what new releases are available for your listening pleasure? Need a laugh or two? The status of weekly emails and our blog are still up in the air, but you can check out our weekly new release wrap-up (and other stuff besides) starting next week at the Huffington Post,
a very fine website that has even more readers than our blog! About three million more, to be exact.

It's great to be sort of back, sort of. And as the great man once said, "Keep those cards and letters comin'."

Your friends,
Peter and Mark Lemongello


Blogger John Mc said...

So do you still exist? This is an awful old blog...

6:22 PM  

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